Electric Vehicle and Teaching Methodology

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What will I learn?

Course Requirements


Training Module eV

Course Content:

The Training is planned for 2 days (synchronous) & 2 full days of asynchronous support with the following topics:


Motivation and introduction:

Transfer of knowledge by Presentation:

§ History of eV

§ Hybrids seriell/parallel

§ The situation in Europe, experiences

§ Interaction: Student’s expectations of eV in Sri Lanka


§ Contemporary eV

§ Focussing on Nissan Leaf on Sri Lanka’s roads

§ Workshop rules for Nissan Leaf

§ High voltage rules

§ First aid

Getting familiar with Electricity:

Getting familiar with Battery

§ Interaction: Comparing voltage/current from socket in the living room to eV

§ Calculate some facts, especially current and cable diameter

§ Amount of energy in a battery, ratio weight/storage capacity

§ Amount of energy in an ordinary petrol tank, ratio weight/storage capacity

§ Fossil energy compared to electricity

§ How is electricity produced in Sri Lanka, India, Switzerland?

§ Building materials of a battery

§ Transportation of these building materials (for example Tesla)

§ The battery of smartphone compared to eV

§ Calculate some facts, especially current and lcharging time

About the Project Manager:


Mr. Felix Lagger is a Graduate in Technics, Math and Physics. He has done a two years Apprenticeship in Car Mechanic and a three-years Diploma (1989-1992) in Automotive Engineering. He has 27 years of vast experience as Automotive Professional (Teacher & Instructor for all categories of vehicles)

Caveat and Contact for Correspondence

The recipient must treat the information shared herewith the document confidential and private. The recipient is not authorized to use or share the information without prior approval from the BSDU Jaipur.

Curriculum for this course:

Electric Vehicle_22th and 23th Sep 2021
  • EV Worksheet-Set-1
  • EV Worksheet-Set-2
  • EV Worksheet-Set-3
  • EV Worksheet-Set-4
  • EV Worksheet-Set-5
  • Worksheet Formula
  • Discussion Forum Set-1
  • Discussion Forum Set-2
  • Discussion Forum Set-3
  • History & Introduction
  • Session-1
  • Session-2
Pre Training Assesment_22th and 23th Sep 2021
Teaching Methodology_24th and 25th Sep 2021
  • Case Studies for Srilanka
  • Model of Learning
  • Participatory Learning Methods
  • Psychosocial Interventions in facilitation